Overview of the Heart Healthy Keyto Program

The mission of the Heart Healthy Keyto Program is to be the most effective system for enabling people to lose weight, feel better, and improve their overall health while being grounded in credible scientific evidence.

The Keyto program empowers you to follow to a ketogenic diet, while focusing on healthy fats, namely plant and fish-based monounsaturated and omega 3 polyunsaturated fats over animal-based saturated fat.

Some studies show that high intake of animal-based saturated fat may lead to unfavorable cholesterol and lipid changes in some people. In light of these findings, we have made it easy for you to know which foods contain the healthiest fats, which will help you optimize lipid profiles and heart health.

There is no definitive evidence that increases in cholesterol from a healthy ketogenic diet will increase risk of cardiovascular disease.  However, if you are concerned, we recommend you eat more foods with the “Heart First” badge in the Keyto food search.

Here are some example foods that are Heart First, with high amounts of healthy fats:

Olive Oil

Bottle pouring virgin olive oil in a bowl close up


Fresh avocado on dark background.

Almonds and other nuts

Bowl of almonds


an fried salmon with Rosemary garnish

Of note, this does not mean you can ONLY eat foods with the Heart Healthy badge. All foods with a Green Keyto rating, including those that do not have the Heart Healthy badge (such as bacon, cheese, and butter) are great from time to time.

Portion size and feedback

Unlike most other diets, Keyto does not require that you count calories. Simply limit carbs and eat healthy fats until you are full, then stop. If you are unsure of if a food is ok to eat, check the Keyto food search within the app and stick with foods that have a Green Badge.


Of course, the most significant advantage of the Keyto program is the Keyto Breath Sensor, which gives you reliable feedback about your food choices.

By using the Keyto food search, your intuition on satiety, and the Keyto device, you should never be in doubt you are on the right track.


There is no reason for not trying the Keyto program if you want to lose weight, improve cardiovascular risk factors, and blood sugar control. If you are concerned about cholesterol and optimal cardiovascular health, just use the Keyto food search and eat more foods with the “Heart First” badge.