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Keyto is the key to burning fat faster.

It’s science, it’s simple.

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Bring Keyto Home

Get actionable insights about your body in just one breath.

Measure fat loss, accurately and effectively.

Keyto analyzes your breath and tells you how much fat you’re burning.

Step 1

Eat the foods you love

Eat delicious foods like cheese, bacon and almonds.

Step 2

Breathe into the device

Keyto measures the ketones in your breath.

Step 3

Check your Keyto Score

Track your ketosis in real time.

Easy & Intuitive

Accurate & Reliable

Backed by Science

Lose weight naturally

Keto? Ketogenic? Ketosis?

The ketogenic diet is a science-backed way to lose weight while eating the foods you love. Keyto simplifies this complicated metabolic process into just 3 steps:

  • STEP 1. Get the device
  • STEP 2. Get the app
  • STEP 3. Have fun losing weight with friends

“We all know changing behavior is the hardest thing to do, but I’ve seen Keyto do it with myself and my friends. I lost 23 lbs in 6 weeks with Keyto. I’m a believer.”

– Tim Wu (Elephante)
Musical Artist

We break down the science…

….so your body can break down the fat.

We distill down decades of science into one simple to understand score.

No consumables and no pain

No painful finger pricking or gross pee strips necessary. Keyto removes the invasive, inaccurate, expensive and painful barrier for tracking your ketosis.

Improve your lifestyle, maximize your results.

Keyto puts you on the path towards a healthier lifestyle. By analyzing your breath, Keyto provides personalised meal plans, recipes and helpful tips in real time.

Stay accountable with a supportive community

Track, compare and even compete with supportive, like-minded individuals that are improving their lives with Keyto.

Finally, the keyto diet is accessible and easily measurable.

Backed by over a decade of research

Keyto is a science-backed device and program, designed through decades of research and clinical experience, for you to reach your health goals.