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Keyto is founded on decades of research and supported by gold-standard evidence

Clinical Outcomes

Keyto Health was founded by cardiologists, M.D.’s, and nutritionists to be the most effective health and weight loss program. As scientists, we believed it was necessary to prove our program in an unbiased, gold-standard experiment, a randomized controlled trial.

The University of British Columbia recently published a peer-reviewed paper in the Obesity Journal, comparing the Keyto Health program vs the Weight Watchers program in a randomized trial. The Keyto group achieved 3x more weight loss than the WW group after 24 weeks, and also had significant improvements in markers of metabolic health. There were no concerning changes in cholesterol or other lipids. The full paper can be found below.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Keyto App and Device versus WW App on Weight Loss and Metabolic Risk in Adults with Overweight or Obesity: A Randomized Trial

In this randomized clinical trial of 155 participants with overweight or obesity, weight loss over 12 weeks was significantly greater in the biofeedback ketogenic diet app group (-5.6 kg) compared to the calorie-restricted low-fat diet app group (-2.5 kg). The durability of superiority was sustained after 24 weeks.

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Comparing the Keyto App and Device with Weight Watchers' WW App for Weight Loss: Protocol for a Randomized Trial

This protocol describes a randomized trial comparing the efficacy of the Keyto mHealth app and device intervention to that of Weight Watchers’ WW app in individuals who are overweight or obese. The primary outcome is weight loss after 12 weeks.

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