Keyto uses a range of third-party service providers to assist with its data processing, customer engagement, and analytic activities.

In an effort to be as transparent as possible to our customers, the Subprocessor list includes any third-parties who may have access to your data by utilizing our service. The type of data that the Subprocessor has access to is limited to only what is reasonably necessary to perform the service provided.

Prior to engaging with a Subprocessor, Keyto performs extensive due diligence, which includes security and legal analysis. Each Subprocessor is subject to contract terms that enforce compliance with applicable data protection laws.

This list is subject to change, as the needs of the business change. Please subscribe below to be notified of any updates in the future!

For more information, please contact [email protected].

Keyto currently uses the following Subprocessors:

Subprocessor Service Provided Location
Google Workspace Email, file storage United States
Heroku Cloud service provider United States
Klaviyo Email marketing provider United States
Papertrail Log management United States
Sendgrid Transaction email provider United States
Sentry Error monitoring and app stability United States
Stripe Payment processor United States