Keyto Health program

Keyto Program

In previous posts, we outlined our method for designing the nutrition principles of the Keyto program. We then described why a randomized controlled trial (RCT) is the only unbiased test to determine its effectiveness.

While the Keyto program includes nutrition advice, the more important job was to give users tools to succeed.

To benefit millions of users, this had to be a comprehensive program that was cost-effective, and scalable.

So what is actually included in the Keyto program?

The program is delivered through our mobile app, which is available on the iOS and Android platforms. The app includes features that give users tools to adopt our Mediterranean-based ketogenic lifestyle.

The core of our program is a Keyto course which includes lessons that teaches foundational knowledge. This information spans theory and practical instruction. Keyto users also have access to a food database which gives a green/yellow/red rating on thousands of common and branded foods. This makes it simple to check if a food fits the program.

On top of the Keyto course and food database, our app includes shopping lists, meal plans, and recipes. As a fun feature, we also produced a full set of audio podcasts that walk users through important concepts and practical tips.

The biggest differentiator between Keyto and all other weight loss programs is the Keyto Breath Sensor. For background, ketogenic programs are unique because they have a biomarker – ketones – that are measurable. This helps users by giving feedback if they are following the program correctly. There is no such biomarker for other diets.

3 Keyto Breath Sensors

The Keyto Device measures acetone in a users’ breath to determine their level of ketosis. In other words, it tells a user how much fat they are using for energy. More on how the device works here.

The device has many benefits:

  1. It tells users if they are in ketosis
  2. It helps users identify hidden carbs and sugar
  3. It provides motivation and accountability (users strive for higher levels)
  4. It gives users fast feedback. Keyto levels can change within hours vs weight scales that move slowly and unpredictably.

In summary, the device eliminates confusion on whether a user is eating the right foods to reach their goal. It provides motivation and confidence beyond weight scale measurements.


The Keyto program consists of the Keyto app and Keyto device. We designed it to be a comprehensive, scalable program that could help millions of people improve their health. The next post will discuss the results of our RCT!